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General Staffing

  • The flexibility to respond to the changing needs of the business is provided by the staffing.
  • It can also be modified to address the sporadic notion of business and addressing business risks.
  • We were among those who promoted the benefits of hiring workers on a temporary basis.
  • Considering that businesses all around the world place a primary emphasis on their CEOs’ human capital, temporary staffing is a trend that is quickly taking hold.
  • We use creative methods to provide our clients specialised solutions for their labour force needs with steadfast interests in upholding the law.
  • In our daily responsibilities, we are committed to meeting the highest standards of moral corporate conduct.

Permanent staffing

  • Matchmaking isn’t easy when it comes to really resilient staffing. Overall, we have a revolutionary mindset toward staffing rather than a conventional one.
  • To locate the ideal candidates for your evolving business needs, we adopt a critical thinking approach and rely on our intuition and skill.
  • We provide staffing arrangements that are specifically designed for certain tasks as well as ongoing support for managers.
  • Our methodology starts with gaining a thorough understanding of your association’s operations, specific requirements, as well as constraints, inclinations, and challenges.

Professional staffing

  • To attract proper talent, distinct verticals and areas need different systems.
  • Megatrends supporting development such as socioeconomics, the gig economy, and abilities with imbalanced traits have forced different verticals to adopt different methods.
  • Our professional staffing company provides top-tier ability satisfaction across standard and specialty developments to suit our client’s urgent staffing wants in a fast-paced professional environment.
  • We specifically recruit for specialists in the business and industry-specific sectors.
  • We influence our computerised innovation and development expertise while increasing the productivity of our jobs by changing the tools available to our Professional Staffing selection representatives.

Diversity and inclusion

  • The presence of diversity and inclusion at work makes employees feel valued and respected.
  • It leads to a stronger skill fusion and even greater efficiency and benefit.
  • We aim to make associations multi-talented in all areas of strength through our diversity and consideration-driven arrangements.

Digital First Hiring

• In recent years, enrollment procedures have undergone a significant computerization transformation.
• Throughput, speed, and ability outreach have all improved, and it consistently creates fantastic competitor experiences.


Managed Service Programs (MSP): Managed Service Programs include assuming control over piece of the HR capability inside an association to deal with its contingent and adaptable labor force needs.

Recruitment Experience Outsourcing (RXO): Recruitment Experience Outsourcing empowers clients to re-appropriate the whole long-lasting enlistment cycle to us to tackle the full advantage of our mastery and involvement with recruiting enormous quantities of workers.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

  • You can streamline your domestic and international recruitment operations with Talent Team’s RPO solutions thanks to coordinated processes, data, and technology.
  • You receive a comprehensive overview of your whole recruitment strategy across all regions. Our team delivers adaptable solutions to assist your global talent acquisition strategy
  • Managed Service Programs take ownership of a piece of the HR capabilities within the organization.
  • It satisfies an employer’s needs for a flexible and contingent labour force.
  • RPO enables businesses to delegate the entire laborious hiring process to us
  • This enables them to fully capitalise on our experience and involvement in filling significant vacancies.

Payroll Management

The purpose of payroll functions is to save time, money, and the requirement for internally trained payroll people. Additionally, it entails obtaining and maintaining the proper software. Depending on the complexity of the organization’s payroll requirements, payroll outsourcing is a cost-effective option.

Benefits of outsourcing payroll to us:

  • Payroll processing outsourcing can result in significant cost savings for the business of up to 50%. Excellent service quality, free’s up the business from non-income generating chores, which increases productivity.
  • We offer the most recent cloud-based payroll software in a variety of formats to meet the demands of every organisation.
  • Knowledge in processing complex payrolls for numerous clients.
  • All areas of payroll management are covered by our payroll software, resulting in less effort and increased peace of mind.
  • It guarantees complete accuracy, significant time savings, and extraordinarily happy workers.
  • The mass data update feature and Excel import facility reduces the need for human data entry while accelerating operations.
  • Complete coverage of all payroll management aspects, including statutory compliance.
  • Processing payroll in a precise and lightning-fast manner. Strong reconciliation tools and reports to evaluate and audit prior to payroll release
  • Pay stubs, reports, statements, etc. are ready to print.

Corporate Training

  • Talent Team concentrates on offering the best service in the world to businesses that want to stay competitive.
  • We are successful in offering our customers the highest calibre service available.
  • We provide a wealth of knowledge and experience in the area of corporate training.
  • In order to handle the challenges of corporate global business competitiveness, we productively and skillfully grow personnel.
  • To help your organisation grow consistently, we are prepared to offer a full range of training options. Our crew is skilled and offers the best skill set to businesses throughout the globe.

Background Verification Services

The main goal of background checks is to find out if a person has ever been convicted of a crime. Although they might not directly relate to a person’s employment, these background checks and verification can snoop through other official documents like driving records, credit histories, etc. that may be crucial for judging a person’s appropriateness.


  • The market for fake educational credentials and certifications is expanding at a very fast and rapid rate.
  • Our background check services are unmatched. The highest standards are met by the candidates’ documents.
  • We use the best background checking practices when employing people to give the company complete protection.
  • The protocol is in place to safeguard both the business and potential new hires.

Following are some of the Verifications and Checks we undertake

  • Verification of Employment Pre-Post, of Education and Academic Records, of Residential Address
  • Checking of Criminal Court Records and Litigation
  • Supervisory reference checks and professional references, Authentication of identity, Document validations for KYC
  • Drug Screen Credit Check both global and Indian databases

Talent Branding

Attracting great people can be challenging, whether you’re a multinational organisation opening a Global Inhouse Centre (GIC) in India or an independent business expanding to new areas. In the competitive job market of today, a company’s reputation as a top employer is essential to luring in the best candidates. Our talent branding solutions can help in this situation.

We do it through Community Building, Events like Networking, Career Fairs, Leadership Connects, Virtual Events, Prize Challenges and much more.

Workforce Transformation

The organization can start their workforce transformation with highest impact roles in mind, focusing on skill sets that are critical to achieve the high-priority business outcomes as soon as possible. While working toward that goal, be mindful that employees should also feel connected to the transformation.

  • Create behavior change at scale by bringing out the skill sets and mindsets your future teams need to succeed
  • Hire new talent to close gaps and hit new goals
  • Shape your future culture to create an engaging employee experience and encourage the right ways of working to deliver your strategy
  • Build the right infrastructure to make it easy to work in new ways
  • Adjust as we go, so if things change for your organization, we change too
  • Plan for a strategic workforce. We draw on dynamic market data to help you build a workforce plan that makes sense today and tomorrow
  • Explore all the possibilities. We plan for an array of workforce futures accounting for the impacts of slow vs. fast change, and show you how different workforce choices may play out in real life

Career Transition Services

Basically career transition is the process of finding and moving into a new career. There is no set period of time for career transition – and no limit to the number of times you might decide to number of times you might decide to change. Interestingly, the transition period may start years before you consciously decide to make any actual change. For some, career transition is a fairly easy process. But if the voice inside tells you the result is worth it, you just keep going

Services for career transition have several advantages for both the company and the employee.

  • It increases the self-esteem of those workers who continue to work for the company since they can see that every worker is valued and cared for.
  • It offers displaced workers priceless advice that helps them cope with the stress and emotions that come with losing a job.
  • It benefits the laid-off worker in finding employment more quickly.
  • It also keeps the reputation of the business.

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