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About Talent Team

To empower, inspire, and mentor young people by giving them the skills they need to support the growth of Our National Youth.

Talent Team Consultancy Service’s main objectives:-

  • To establish a comprehensive plan for preparing strong and skilled youth communities.
  • To provide employment opportunities for Our National Youth
  • To plan, lead and coordinate the Pan India JOB FAIR
  • To schedule interview sessions and choose candidates as needed.
  • We are developing and focusing on several goals for successful recruitment pathways.
  • The world of work and business is always evolving, and thanks to our breadth and depth of expertise gained on the international stage, we are able to deliver fully integrated labour force solutions that will support your organization’s requirements.
  • Our biological system of brands and agreements enables us to provide comprehensive solutions that aid with resolving the difficulties faced by our clients
  • It supports our partners and up-and-comers throughout their careers.
  • We are embracing computerised capabilities, enhancing current agreements, expanding our market, and generally improving efficiency.
  • We see digitization as an opportunity to grow businesses,
  • We aim to become a more significant support partner by thoughtfully combining the finest of the HR arrangements industry with the best of the innovation company.

The universe of work and business is persistently developing, with our broadness and profundity of aptitude acquired on the worldwide stage, we’re ready to convey completely incorporated labor force arrangements that will uphold your association’s turn of events and development system. Our biological system of brands and arrangements permits us to offer total arrangements that assist with settling the ability challenges looked by our clients what’s more, to help our up-and-comers and partners all through their professions. We are embracing the capability of computerized, adding more worth to existing arrangements, extending our market, and altogether further developing proficiency. We consider digitization to be a chance to develop business. By consolidating the best of the HR arrangements industry with the best of the innovation business in a mindful manner, we look to turn into a more significant help accomplice.

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Values & Growth

  • When Talent Team Consultancy Service was founded, India had been rocked by an online business website explosion.
  • The organisation has brilliant business ideas, and all they needed were the right people to put those ideas into action.
  • We had the first mover advantage in being able to secure the market for new businesses after identifying this demand gap. supported by cutting-edge innovation, a small set of data, and a passionate group.

Vision & Mission

With responsibility, teamwork, and customer focus, “TOGETHER WE EMPOWER”

  • Our mission and vision are to be our clients’ and newcomers’ preferred and trusted recruitment partners.
  • To do this, we are concentrating on setting up excellent client support and top-notch staffing.
  • In order to ensure that our clients’ personnel needs are completely addressed, we will continue to work closely with them.
  • We also strive to be the preferred platform for candidates to discover and pursue fascinating jobs with their ideal associations.

Our Clients

Automobiles & Fin Tech industries
E-commerce industries & Mobile App
Apparel & Textile Industries
IT & Software Recruitment
Media and digital marketing
Pharma and Life sciences
Engineering solutions
Sales & Marketing
BPO & Call Center

CEO Message

The largest company offering talent arrangements in India is called Talent Team Consultancy Service. We are a trusted partner in helping you develop your teams with comprehensive plans at scale and a contender in helping you understand your ideal job. Your skill needs are at the centre of everything we do, whether you’re a global company starting in India, a local startup, or a large project adding tasks. Generally speaking, Talent Team Consultancy Service makes sure you find what you’re looking for. We can help your organisation uncover the top talent, whether it be locating the most enthusiastic individual or searching for an entire group. We support organisations as they scale up, develop new markets, and hire staff. Additionally, we started everything starting in 2020.

Address: No,715-A, 7th Floor, Spencer Plaza, Mount Road, Anna Salai, Chennai - 600 002